2020 was a year full of doubts, uncertainties and fear. The world has seen a virus completely change people’s routine. Regardless of color, age, sex or religion, everyone had to adapt to a new reality. A reality full of virtual connections, homesickness, isolation, fear and at the same time love. And what can we expect for 2021 and the years to come?

Everyone is aware that the world will not be the same as before. The current Pandemic was a watershed that demonstrated the importance of knowing how to use technologies in a conscious and effective way, the importance of physical and mental health and the creation of healthy habits.

I believe that, from now on, when everyone arrived home they thought about taking off their shoes, cleaning their hands and sanitizing their bags and bags. We will think about cleaning our pets’ toys, their paws when they arrive from the street and take better care of their health. We will be more reflective of the importance of not approaching someone while we are sick, as a little sneeze or discomfort for us can be the end for others.

The use of technology for work and study until the beginning of 2020 was used gradually, gradually inserted in schools and universities and in certain areas of work. With Lockdown, the use of Tablets, Notebooks, Smartphone and their functions were decisive for maintaining school and work activities. In other words, devices that before we used little or in a less integrated way in our tasks, became crucial for the accomplishment of them.

For the coming years, the most effective and integrated use of these means is being considered. Thus, everyone will be able to maintain a routine even if other pandemics, epidemics or situations that require social withdrawal arise.

With more time at home and more time to see and read news, people have become more aware of their decisions and more questioning. The new generations better understand the need respect for nature and a harmonious coexistence between man and planet for progress, while the older ones (who had a different education) were able to see how harmful progress can be when not thought properly, how many diseases can arise with deforestation and thawing of glaciers.

In summary, we can see that the post-pandemic scenario will be more technological and, it seems, more organized, with more professional demands, but at the same time with more space for workers to organize their hours and have a healthy family life and a less stressful routine. In addition, people’s participation in politics and especially in environmental decisions is growing. And despite the fact that Brazil has in its records the increase in the number of fires and deforested areas, the world has already understood that it is no use just taking care of your country, but of all countries. So much so that the president elected for the coming years in one of the world powers (USA) had in his proposals the implantation of clean energy in the country and the demand that Brazil take steps to reduce deforestation.